True Compensation Transparency

Transparency of income earned for placing/handling insurance is considered a best practice. It is anticipated that agents/brokers will be compensated solely through customary commissions included in the insurance premiums with full disclosure of commissions and other income earned.

Insurance is a product; a contractual piece of paper that has inventory at zero cost. What we have to offer is using our experience, knowledge, and contacts and applying them in a way that exceeds the service needs of those clients that are compatible with our transparent business model.

Our workflow includes an annual statement reviewing total commissions earned in the prior year, as well as total commissions expected based on coverage bound for the current term.

Another option we would provide, on eligible accounts, is a fee-based option (where allowable by law). We believe this demonstrates our commitment to a long term alignment of financial incentive with our client. We feel that fee based programs more properly address the amount of work involved in an account, and the value put on that work. The amount of work done on an account is not necessarily commensurate with the size of an account. With a fee based program, we charge on the work completed, not the size of the account. And we remove any perceived incentive to place an account with a carrier based on size of commission.


The Gendelman Difference

We provide the utmost care in risk assessment and technical detail. Our mission: representing the interests of our clients, with total confidentiality.