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Defense Base Insurance for Your Workers

In the current version of the Defense Base Act, there are five provisions that prompt obtaining the mandatory insurance coverage:

1. Any employee* working on a military base or reservation outside the U.S. This includes those working for private employers on U.S. military bases or on any lands used by the U.S. for military purposes outside the U.S., including U.S. territories.

2. Any employee engaged in U.S. government funded public works business outside the U.S. This may include construction and service contracts in connection with national defense or with war activities outside the U.S.

3. Any employee engaged in public works or military contracts with a foreign government which has been deemed necessary to the U.S. National Security.

4. Those employees that provide services funded by the U.S. government outside the realm of regular military issue or channels.

5. Any employees of any sub-contractors of the prime of letting contractor involved in a contract similar to 1 – 4 above.

*Please note that any employee refers to Third Country Nationals (TCNs), non-US citizens and the like; not just U.S. citizens.

Defense Base Act insurance is available in the U.S. insurance market for contractors and sub-contractors who work overseas. Our dedicated DBA advisor team, headquartered in Washington, D.C., works with a multitude of DBA insurance carriers to protect your needs. And, in the unfortunate event of a claim, we will work directly with your team.

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