How to Stop a Frivolous Lawsuit From Sinking Your Business

What would happen if you were sued? Now, you might say there’s no reason for someone to sue you. And while there might not be a legitimate reason, business owners are sued all the time. Just because a lawsuit is unfounded doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself in the middle of one. What’s more, lawsuits can be…

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Every Business Owner Needs A Good Personal Umbrella Policy

Most people have insurance on their houses and their cars. The wealthy also insure their other types of properties such as boats and planes. The issue for many people from the most affluent to those with much less is do they have enough coverage considering their level of personal wealth. For the most part the…

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7 Ways to Prevent High Net Worth Flood and Fire Losses

High net worth homes are increasingly being built in disaster-prone areas. Based on conversations with executives for PURE, Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, AIG’s Private Client Group, Vault, Collector Systems, LLC, and Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services, here are 7 sensible tips brokers can share for preventing fire and flood losses on high net worth properties. Increasingly, high net worth homes…

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The Importance Of Personal Umbrella Policies

What will happen if you or your child causes a car accident resulting in serious injuries and death of others?  How would you pay for the treatment of someone who hurts himself or herself in your home and claims negligence? What happens when they claim to have greatly suffered because of the injury?  What if…

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Personal Insurance for Families

parents helping baby walk

“How can I fortify my family’s personal insurance for 2013?” By Bruce Gendelman, JD, Chairman, and Joseph Gendelman, President and CEO The clients we work with today have very different needs from just a few years ago. Changes in the economy, the government, the global landscape and local catastrophes give us a new perspective. We…

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Why You Need Group Personal Excess Insurance

business man tying shoe

“Why is group personal excess insurance an option worth considering?” By Bruce Gendelman, JD, Chairman, and Joseph Gendelman, President and CEO High net worth individuals have the opportunity to protect themselves with a unique approach to personal excess insurance: the group personal excess policy. This policy can safe- guard your assets in the event a…

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Insurance Coverage for Businesses

man standing at window

“What insurance coverages are essential for my business?” By Joseph Gendelman, President and CEO As an active member in the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), an organization of young chief executives, I get asked many questions about proper commercial insurance coverage. While each industry has its own specific nuances in coverage needs, there are several key…

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Personal Insurance Planning for the Family

kids giving piggyback rides

“How can I involve my entire family in our personal insurance plan?” by Joseph Gendelman, President and CEO We all know that affluent clients have special needs when it comes to insuring their properties and belongings. On top of this, insuring an extended multi-generational family with the need for significant asset protection can take the…

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